Announcement Concerning COVID-19

  • 2020-04-06
  • Admin
Dear all:
1.      Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Tamkang University will postpone the beginning date of the spring semester to 2nd March.
2.      All students should follow the “Tamkang University Coronavirus Prevention Countermeasures.”
3.      If you are foreign students and you are outside of Taiwan and taking a return flight to Taiwan, please do not take a flight that has a transit in China, Hong Kong, or Macau.
4.      To follow the new policy announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, starting from 7th February, Hong Kong and Macau students who have returned to Taiwan must self-isolate for 14-days. These same students must take private transportation, including a private sedan, Uber vehicle, or a taxi. Please do not use public transportation. Please do not leave your residence or dormitory during the 14-day self-isolation period; therefore, please also prepare a thermometer and enough masks before you enter Taiwan.
5.      Starting from 7th February, if foreign students who possess a valid Taiwan Resident Certificate have transited or visited in China, Hong Kong, or Macau in the previous 14 days, then they must self-isolate at their residence or dormitory for a period of 14 days after returning to Taiwan.
6.      If you have a fever or any respiratory symptoms after your arrival in Taiwan, please immediately fill out “The Health Management Report for Students with Potential Risk of Infection of Novel Coronavirus 2019 nCov” at your department and at the Campus Security Report Center.
7.      Please follow the regulations above; students who violate these regulations will incur a fine of between 10,000NTD and 150,000NTD under the “Communicable Disease Control Act 69.”
8.      EVERYONE who returns to Taiwan should report her or his arrival in Taiwan to the Office of International and Mainland Student Guidance Section!
9.   The offices on campus that are responsible for health management control:
(1.)   Office of International, Overseas and Mainland Student Guidance Section
(2.)   The Campus Security Report Center
(3.)   The Sanitation and Fitness Section
The Counselor for Overseas Chinese Students: Grace Chao, Iris Liang.
The Counselor for International Students: Gary Liu, Eva Lee.
Last but not least, please do not go to places where there is great risk of being exposed to the Novel Coronavirus 2019 nCov virus.
Thank you and wishing you a good day.
The International and Mainland Students Guidance Section
Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs
Tamkang University