The 9th 'Trending Taiwan' Short Film Contest Officially Begins!

The 9th 'Trending Taiwan' Short Film Contest Officially Begins!

Taiwan boasts not only beautiful landscapes but also a rich tapestry of diverse cultures that have evolved over time. By participating in this competition and submitting a short film with an unrestricted theme, you can continue to showcase Taiwan's stories on the international stage.

This year, the "Student Special Award" is retained, and a new "Vertical Creative Short Film Award" with a duration of 60 seconds has been added, providing even more creative freedom. The theme and format for this year are unlimited, and each team/individual can submit multiple entries.

If you're interested in participating and already have video footage on hand, you can also do some editing to seize the opportunity to submit your work. Up until September 30th, you can use video to present the beauty of Taiwan.

The total prize money is 1.25 million NTD, with the first prize reaching up to 250,000 NTD.

For detailed information about the event, please visit the "9th Trending Taiwan" official website (

For any inquiries, please contact the organizer: Miss Yang
Phone: 02-2507-8627 ext. 1138