Announcement: Campus Guide Volunteer Training Program

  • 2018-03-21
  • Julia Yen
Campus Guide Volunteer Training Program
1. Purpose
A number of campus guide volunteers will be recruited to take visiting foreign
guests on tours around the school. Participants can learn more about the
school through the guided tours, expand their international horizons, and
increase their ability to express themselves.
2. Candidates
   1.Students must be in their freshmen, sophomore or junior year or a
postgraduate student (including Taiwanese and overseas students), as well
as responsible and have enthusiasm for service
   2.There are 4 language categories: Chinese, English, Japanese and
3. Training Details
   1.Basic information on navigating the tour: History of the school and
understanding the environment and architect of the school. (3 hours)
   2.Pose and Etiquette Lessons (1 hour)
   3.Simulation Tour Walkthrough (2 hours)
4. Awarding Measures
   1.Points rewarded for participating in short term overseas sister school
exchange activities
   2.A commendation for directing 3 or more tours; A small merit for directing
10 or more tours.
   3.Participants are invited to participate in overseas cultural tours
   4.Participants will be given a navigation uniform
5. Rules to obey
   1.Participants may not be absent for planned tours
   2.Participants must participate in all training courses after being accepted
for the program
   3.Participants must obey all relevant rules of being a tour guide (e.g. attire
and appearance)
6. Application Date
    From today until March 31 st . Please submit application form to OICSA Ms. Julia Yen
7. Training Date and Location
April 9 th 2018 (Monday) 18:00-20:00 Basic information on navigating the tour (2
hours) Location: OICSA Hall
April 13 th 2018 (Friday) 18:00-20:00 Basic information on navigating the tour (1
hour), Pose and Etiquette Lessons (1 hour)
Location: OICSA Hall
Simulation Tour Walkthrough (2 hours) The location will be announced on a
further date.
8. Attach Application Form