20200406 Emergency Annoucement

Emergency!! CDC just announced 11 tourist spots as the high risk of infection places. If you have traveled to these spots or other crowded tourist spots during the National Holiday (April 1st to April 5th), please must implement 14-day self-health management. Please contact your department for MS teams course and DO NOT come to school. Please reduce the chance of social interaction. Please wear masks when you must go outside. (You may use eMask app to buy masks) If you have any respiratory symptoms, please call 1922 or go to hospital.
The 11 spots:
1. Qi Shan old street in Kaohsiung  (高雄旗山老街)
2. Kenting in Pintong   (屏東墾丁)
3. Hu Tou Pi in Tainan   (台南虎頭埤)
4. Guanziling in Tainan   (台南關子嶺)
5. Beigang Chaotian Temple in Yunlin   (雲林北港朝天宮)
6. Dongdamen Night market in Hualian   (花蓮東大門夜市)
7. Wenhua Road night market in Chiayi   (嘉義文化路夜市)
8. Ali mountain in Chiayi   (嘉義阿里山)
9. Huching hotel in Wusanto Reservoir   (湖境渡假會館)
10. Xingda port in Kaohsiung  (高雄興達港)
11. Wusanto Resevoir   (烏山頭水庫)