Cadence Wang
Name Cadence Wang
Office Tel No. 02-26215656#3742
position Staff
Responsible for
1. Handling all issues related to Mainland Chinese exchange students
2. Updating and reporting the latest information of admission and school leaving of Mainland Chinese students (Login system of Mainland Chinese students studying in Taiwan)
3. Coordinating academic advisors and studying companion for overseas students. (Holding academic advisors’ meetings)
4. Handling of work study subsidy and learning aid allowance.
5. Arranging Freshman Airport pick-up and orientation.
6. Organizing the Taiwan HostFamily Program
7. Organizing employment briefings and visits to enterprises.
8. Sending and receiving documents, collating minutes of meetings and maintaining the website of the Section
9. Contact person of personal system of the Section. 10. Completing all other assigned tasks.
Substitute Staff Mrs. Esther Loh