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境外生相關 Important Hot 9 Major Epidemic Prevention Guidelines for the Third Level Alert Area 464
校內活動 Important Hot Due to COVID-19, “Chat Corner” will be suspended from May 17th, Monday. 3041
境外生相關 Important Hot CECC raises epidemic warning to Level 2 and implements related restrictions and measures, effective from May 11 to June 8, in response to increased risk of community transmission 528
獎助學金 Important Hot Important Information for Application of the Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship and Financial Aid Scholarship for the First Semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year 4465
獎助學金 Important Hot Recipients of 2021-2022 TKU Entrance Scholarships for Outstanding Overseas Students (Fall Semester_ First Round) 6184
境外生相關 Important Hot Steps for foreign students wishing to return to their home country in the summer vacation 5242
外部訊息 Important Hot Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program 1237
校內活動 Important Hot 2021 TKU Mandarin Recitation and Speech Contest 4412
外部訊息 Important Hot 轉知國家華語測驗推動工作委員會為「華語文能力測驗」110年4月正式考試事宜,敬請轉知所屬外籍學生並鼓勵踴躍報考參加,請查照。  1799
獎助學金 Important “Yeo Lan Scholarship for TKU Overseas Students”
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